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This is a WARNING – DO NOT USE Roadway Movers out of Jacksonville, FL.

They are a broker and to not care about the quality of service you get from their subcontractors....They are done with you after you sign the contract.

Since I lived in Texas, they used a company in Houston, TR Systems, to pick up my furniture.

My salesman with Roadway, Logan Hughes, lied about everything. He told me quite a few of my items did not have to be in boxes, as the movers could just wrap them in the padding. The movers refused to take these items (I had them wrapped in visqueen plastic, but not in boxes). They just happened to have their own boxes in the van, that you have no choice but to buy at outrageous prices (up to $80.00 for a box)! Plan on spending several hundred dollars MORE than your quote with Roadway!! Then Logan told me my big hutch (7 foot tall) was costing me $400.00 to move – so, I decided to cut costs, and sold it. Then when Logan did not lower my quote one penny, he denied ever telling me that. The cushions, that Logan said to just leave on my wicker patio furniture, never made it to CA. I have no idea who they ended up going to.

He also said that the guys who loaded in Texas would be the same ones to unload. He told me whatever he thought I wanted to hear. He promised me that once loaded, my furniture would not leave the truck, but would stay on it til delivered the next week at my new home in CA. The worse lie of all, as it went directly to a warehouse in Houston for 2 weeks! I think that must be where most of the damage occurred.

TR Systems, then brokered out my belongings AGAIN, to an independent guy, to deliver it. Alex (who told me he delivers for lots of different moving companies) is the one who picked up my belongings in Houston, and drove them to California, where he hired one guy – a day worker - who did not know what he was doing, to help him unload. This guy was tossing boxes marked FRAGILE on top of each other, all upside down, and very careless with my furniture, and rude to me when I asked him to be careful. It was taking them forever, so I had to unwrap the moving blankets off the furniture and cut off all the duct tape and I am a 72 year old woman!

When they were finally done, Alex said I had to sign about 10 different forms, so he could leave...I stupidly did not read the small print, which states all items were delivered safely. I was so stupid to sign them, as every box had broken items, half of my furniture is damaged, and some beyond repair (antiques). I actually cried as I unpacked my bashed in boxes and saw my ruined furniture.

You could tell the boxes were shaken, as it wasn't just cracked glassware, but all shattered glass! All 3 of my artificial trees were destroyed. Boxes had been thrown onto them, as branches were snapped off, crushed, and even the plant's containers were crushed and ruined.

Hardly anything arrived in the condition it was when I packed it. And I have moved over 25 times in my life, so know how to wrap boxes tightly. I marked EVERY via room, and marked them FRAGILE.

I used 65 feet of bubble wrap, wrapped all unboxed items in visqueen plastic, used 3 rolls of packing tape and cushioned everything in wadded up newspapers. No one could have packed better!

It looks like this was done on be careful how you tip. I was told 3 guys would load, but 4 showed up, so the tip was less than planned to each individual. I do believe that may have been why they destroyed my belongings.

A drafting table was thrown so hard, that the wood screws were pulled out of the wood, damaging it beyond repair. A large wicker dresser (six drawers) was thrown face down so hard that the metal knobs were imbedded into the wicker drawers -ruined. An antique brass umbrella stand was kicked all around the base, you can actually see the curve of the toe of the boot that kicked it inward. All art work had broken glass or scratched up frames. My daybed frame was mangled – you can tell it was thrown. Wooden furniture legs were snapped in half!

It was too late to file a claim by the time I finished unpacking. It was too upsetting to deal with them again, anyway. So, I will post this on every consumer site I can find, in hopes of letting others know what they did to me, and so they will not use them! CONSUMER BEWARE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Roadway Movers Of Jacksonville Long Distance Moving Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.



I'm living this nightmare right now in Florida. No one can tell me where my stuff is!

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